High-end printing technology, from 2 colors to 6 colors using Flexographic , Pre Print Flexographic and Offset printing, achieving LPI from 40 to 180.

Used in two major fields i.e. Terminal Consumption and Transportation, examples are industrial products, electronic products, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and Packaging of Wearable (Shoes and Apparels)

With our fully-equipped machineries and equipment like X-rite meter, paper testing tools, all kinds of cartons are produces with consistent colors, with high quality control.

Strong supply chain network, customers will get the reliable, quality and competitive products.

Paper Cushion/Molded Pulp/EPE

Experienced in product protection during transportation, we are fully equipped with Simulation software, 3D software, Distribution and Reliability Test machines.

Design materials uses are mainly corrugated paper cushion, EPE foam, molded pulp, sustainable material and fiber.

Process involve FEA simulation of packaging design, cushioning design, prototyping, proofing, pilot, material selection, production, and supply are available.

These hardware and software provide us with most accurate data in design rationality and best packaging solutions.

Household Products

KIM has our own set of products that sell online and can be customized

Example paper, plastic, fabric household storage products.

On-line shop website:;


KIM possesses fully-equipped pre-printing, printing and post -printing machines, using environmental friendly material that advocates green printing.

Offset printing service with an integration of creative design, high-end printing, binding, folding, perfect binding, special processing, etc is available.

Main products are documents, boutiques, books, magazines, etc.