Enchancing Group Cohesiveness for Creating Glory

— Team Outward Bound of Management Personnel under Company Leadership

On June 16, A team outward bound was carried out at wolf soul training base in Xiang’an district and over 40 management personnel participated there. All participants braved the glowing sun overhead regardless of their gender, age, and post. It was a really impressive day!

At 9:00am, trainees arrived at the base and put on their training clothes within prescribed time. Through group military training interaction and pre-training propaganda, training camp rules and uniform standards of conduct were set. Trainees successively participated in a series of activities, such as ice breaking sail, team building (Cooperative cohesion) , swearing in ceremony(Encourage and inspire morale), SANTA(Executive ability), crazy market(Courage to assume responsibility), power ring(Communication, Collaboration, Cohesion), etc. Through these activities, everyone learnt to cultivate the qualities– team cooperation, effective communication and acceptance of responsibility.

Under the leadership of the captain, team members exerted their wisdom and braved to take the lead in every competition. In “clear your plate” campaign, Some team members even drank up spicy vegetable soup in order to gain bonus points. During the activity of power ring, all trainees united in a concerted effort to form a circle in order to tighten a rope. The soft rope unexpectedly became a passage for adults to walk through. It was such a scene that impressed everyone most because it fully reflected mutual trust, challenge and breakthrough of impossibility spirit, understanding of team strength.